Why Do Men Ask Women For Private Part Pictures?

Brandi NoBarExam West
2 min readNov 30, 2020

I hate it. Are women only sex for men? I don’t get anything out of sending men pictures of my private parts. I don’t spend my time on frivolous activities like exchanging pictures of private parts. If that’s your thing you can go on the internet and see breast, booty, and vaginas. Sending pictures of privates parts is immature. This man is 45 years old asking for private part pictures. I just got completely turned off. I didn’t even reply to his text message. Men don’t realize when they focus on sex they turn women OFF. Asking for sex or private part pictures is a turn OFF and that is how NOT to get sex or the woman. How about a regular normal conversation? Men can’t even talk to women. Talking could lead to the bedroom or private part pictures. That’s how I know a man is a loser because his mind is on sex. I don’t even waste my time when I find out he’s a loser that likes to look at private part pictures. Men want to hop in the bed instantly or ask for private part pictures on demand as if they are the center of the universe. My job is not to supply you with private part pictures. What do you supply me with? Compliments of my private part pictures?

Gee, thanks you think I am sexy and like my breast, booty, or vagina. That made my day.

Sending private part pictures is not my thing. He should not be on my phone asking for private part pictures. What makes men think that it’s cool to ask women for private part pictures? I wanted go throw up. I am…