Why are black people so dumb?

Brandi NoBarExam West
1 min readAug 16, 2020

As a black person, I am well qualified to answer this question. This question has crossed many people’s mind.

I find the behavior among black people interesting.. it’s sad to say the least. The continuation of stereotypical behavior is the problem like black women using their bodies to make money and black men and women acting like idiots calling it comedy.

Behavior is learned. If you’re around dumb people, you will be dumb as well. Are black people around intelligent people? For the most part, no. I don’t even hang with my own family. They are always saying and doing ignorant low things.

For the majority of black people, they are around drug dealers, low income women, food stamp recipients, and ex-cons. Their immediate leaders are rappers and singers like The City Girls and Cardi B. Rappers never say anything intellectual. So black people consume garbage. You can’t have an intelligent conversation with a black person.

Blacks like being dumb. It’s takes energy no to be dumb. You have to read to not be dumb and nobody wants to do that. People would much rather scroll social media sites and shop at the mall instead of acquiring knowledge to advance themselves and their lives.

Ultimately, being dumb comes down to your environment.