Broke Family of George Floyd Using His Death To Make Money

Daughter 6 and we only see two pictures of George and his daughter from only when she was a baby

Brandi NoBarExam West
6 min readJun 3, 2020

The Intentional Capitalization of George Floyd’s Death

People in this world will capitalized any and everything. Anyway to make money.

People are all for self.

There is no connection to black lives matter or changing the system itself. This GoFundMe has nothing to do change. This family doesn’t care. I don’t see anything listed about helping to ensure this doesn’t happen again to another family. Just donate so they don’t have to work again.

These people are using George Floyd’s death to make money.

Why are we only seeing pictures from when she was a baby with her father? Did he leave?


Per the Attorney for George Floyd’s mother, Gianna, she is traumatized. She don’t look traumatized to me. Not on the video or Instagram. She smiling and looks happy.