Trying To Do Something With My Life

Grew Up in Poverty

Brandi NoBarExam West
1 min readMay 4, 2024

Working full time. Studying for the Bar Exam full-time and trying to do the MPRE this August too. It’s extremely challenging. I keep going because all I remember growing up in Detroit was hopelessness, despair, and a bunch of excuses. I never knew anyone personally that done anything that went beyond filling out a job application. All I remember from my childhood is sadness and poverty. Lights shut off, gas off in the winter. Water off. No phone . No furniture. No beds. No stove. No refrigerator. No washer. No dryer. I remember putting my nephews bottles in an Igloo Cooler that sat on the kitchen floor with ice in it. My mother repeatedly. complained about being poor and wanted more. She merely just prayed and tithe. No action whatsoever. I said get a job. Or go to college. Her response was, she was not standing at no bus stop to get to no job or go to school.

My mother never did anything physical to change her life for her sake or the sake of her children. One time she said God didn’t tell her to get a job or go to school.. But she doesn’t mind filling out welfare applications begging for assistance. Til this day my 73 year old mother lives in poverty, no teeth, and still tries to get bills paid by the government because people buy what they want and beg for what they need.