Stop Telling People To Get A Job

Begging is a job

Brandi NoBarExam West


From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, people will comment under a post for financial help. Some people feel it’s their duty to tell these people to stop begging and

“get a job”.

Begging is a job. The people that stand on the corner holding sign are working. The people posting they need help on social media are working. That’s their job — begging.

Why do every able bodied person need to get a traditional job because that’s the norm or because you work and you are brainwashed to think jobs are the answer to financial needs and wants? There is nothing wrong with asking for money.

Never let anyone look down on you because you are asking for money. Sometimes a job is not quick enough for whatever they may need or want at the time. I don’t mind helping people when I can. It’s just money. I’m not selfish like that. I have a heart.

People need to put themselves in a position where they can help others! Instead of telling them to get a job. Jobs are a form of slavery in the United States.