Some People Don’t Understand How Some People Don’t Love Life And Wish They Were Never Born

Brandi NoBarExam West
2 min readApr 22, 2024

My perspective about life is based on my own existence. Yes, i wish I was never born. I understand that the average person is brainwashed and indoctrinated to think life is a gift, but I truly hate being here. There are many people who wish they were never born. It’s important to understand that everyone does not like living or happy that they were born.

We were forced into existence and now we have to accept it and do a number of things that we do not want to do. I know religious minded people will not understand this because religious people believe “be fruitful and multiply”. I don’t not think like everyone else. This society is based on group thinking. Every person THINKS THE SAME. If you think the opposite of what the MAJORITY thinks about life then it’s something wrong with you. But I do not care. I do not care about friends / family. Because most people are being fake and lying in order to fit in and maintain jobs and relationships. No one is themselves. Yet people think this is okay?

If you love it here and think this world is the best thing there is, well, great. That’s you! But there are some people who simply just don’t.. See Antinatalism and Justin who has a growing YouTube channel about Antinatalism called “Born Into a Corrupt 9 to 5”. There are many people around the world who hate they were born — worldwide, not just America. Africa, India, Europe. Life is based on your personal experience. For example, I get that some people love Detroit to death. These people probably had a good life and family there. I just did not enjoy my childhood and life there..

Growth requires you to understand there is an opposite of everything. Some hate life. Some love it. I am not thrilled to be here. Nonetheless, I spend my time working on my career and fitness. #Childfree #Antinatalism