So Many People Just Don’t Want To Be Here

Brandi NoBarExam West
2 min readAug 25, 2023

Why do other humans want other humans to live? Why do humans care if another human exists!? It just makes no sense to me. I will never understand this. If you want to be here fine, live your life. But it should be some way for people to exit if they just don’t want to be here. People are just in so much pain — physical , mental, emotional, and financial. It just sucks to go through like suffering. Why are people forced to be here? Why?

I saw this post on Reddit.

This person wishes they had a terminal illness someone else had. I have seen other post like before. People just want out. Why can’t people who keep breeding more humans see the big picture? They are causing harm to people bringing them into this world.

Why do humans think it’s their duty to tell other humans what to do? People can’t publicly post they are going to “exit” on social media platforms. There is a button to report that post for self-injury or suicide. Why do people feel obligated to report that? Why are there laws against someone wanting to exit? It’s your life right? If it’s not your life, then what would be the purpose of even coming into existence if you don’t even have autonomy over YOURSELF without interference.

I saw an ad on YouTube with this lady holding a picture of her son that killed him self. All she was talking about was herself and how she feels. She never said anything about how her son felt or that he’s no longer suffering. Why is exiting viewed this way?

I would never tell anyone they should exit, but it’s up to that person whether or not they want to be here. Life shouldn’t get to a point where people give up, but that’s the reality of the world we live in. I don’t see the world getting any better. If you look back through history til now, you will see life has gone downhill.