Racism Doesn’t Need To End in America

Because that’s not gone happen

Brandi NoBarExam West
3 min readMay 29, 2020


The white people need to go their way, tge blacks need to go their way, the Asians groups can go their way.

Everytime a black man is killed by these white police all black people do is say,

Racism needs to end in America.

I’m black and I’m tired of black people. If racism has not ended, what makes you think it will suddenly end? It has been years since slavery abolished. And that’s it.. . Nobody said white people will live in harmony with black people. Slavery ended, not racism.

Stop praying, waiting, and marching. There will always be racism. Stop begging for them to like you. Why are y’all begging to be included? Black people need to build up their own poverished communities and live among each other. When you do that there is no reason to leave your neighborhood.

I would never pray about racism needing to end. Praying does not work and that is inaction. I would never protest or march. Who care? The U.S. government? Lol Wow

When will black people wake up? Black people need to boss up together. Black people don’t even realize their is a race war going on. I never hear black people talking about anything important when black men are killing by white police. They sing the same old songs,

Racism need to stop.

So does bullying and overeating. People need to stop praying and waiting. Black people are not taught to take action. They are not taught how to be brave. There is no reason 30 people did absolutely nothing when George Floyd was being murdered. You see these white men in the news all the time fighting the police. Why do people freeze up when it’s time to be brave? I know nobody want to die and intervene for nobody else in police harms way, but you’re going to have to. You can’t wait for laws to change. You’re going to have to change them yourself or act like they don’t exist like they do.

The problem is government

People believe they government will be fair and equal. Look at their action — don’t listen to what they say. People don’t realize what the government really is. These are not some nice people that want to protect you from harm. The government’s goal is to take power from you and to control you through the use of force. But they will never tell you that. The…



Brandi NoBarExam West

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