My Interview At PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC)

Columbia, SC Office

Brandi NoBarExam West


I just want to share my story to help others. This article will show you how:

• People lie so much

• It’s best to work for yourself

Background: I have been unemployed since December 2015

I’ve had jobs here and there, but nothing stable enough to get on my feet. I went to college, but that doesn’t mean anything. I lost my apartment that I lived in while in law school January 2017. I was homeless and then got another another apartment September 2017 and lost that apartment March 2018. I got another apartment April 2018 only to lose that apartment December 2018. I would like to get another home someday, but I feel like I will lose that as well.

I have been sleeping in my car in Columbia, SC since January 2019

January 2020, I landed an interview at PwC in Columbia, SC for a Compliance Analysts job. I was three hours away and had to drive to Columbia for the interview. I became ill, but I went anyway because I had an interview there before and didn’t go and they didn’t let me reschedule. The interview was on a Wednesday. The following Monday, I received an email telling me I didn’t get the job.

I have just received an email from the Hiring Manager for PwC Columbia and she has asked me to contact you to thank you for taking the time to apply with us regarding the Regulatory and Compliance Analyst opportunity in Columbia SC.

After careful review and consideration, the decision has been made to pursue other candidates whose background and qualifications are a closer match for this position.

It is worth noting that the review process that your Application just went through considered you for every open position at the Columbia location. This means that for the next 12 months, there is no option for you to be re-considered at this location as 12 months is the approximate cycle that jobs rotate on.

However, you are welcome to submit your Application to any other location you may be able to consider within PwC so please feel free to apply for other positions in the future that you feel are a fit with your background and qualifications.

Thank you for your…