Under Paid Licensed Attorney, No JD E-Discovery Document Review

Brandi NoBarExam West
5 min readOct 15, 2020

Imagine going to law school and earning a JD, but the only work you can find in the legal field is Doc Review. But there is barrier that stand between you and a document review project. If you are a unlicensed JDs there are few to no Document Review projects available for you. This reddit post is from an unlicensed JD looking for a Document review project. Someone responded that Consilio just posted a project, but its for Attorneys.

Ediscovery Document Reviewer read and analyze document on Ediscovery software like Relativity. Document Review jobs pay $20/hr on average to licensed attorneys and unlicensed JDs. In some places like South Carolina, Document Review only pay licensed attorneys $17/hour.

Desperation puts you on sale.

Unlicensed JDs cannot practice law and cannot work on document review projects. Most ediscovery Document Review projects are for Licensed attorneys. It is rare JDs are allowed to work on document review projects. Over the past 5 years, I can count on one hand the number of Document Review projects I have worked on. Any time I did the projects ended within a few days to 2 or 3 months. Nothing long term.

I Asked a Lawyer Why Are Nearly All the Document Review Projects for Licensed Attorneys?

Do yall give legal advice? What's the difference? What's so special about being a licensed attorney doing document review. Hell — you can just get licensed the day before the project or the day of the project and get hired on these licensed Attorney only doc review projects. You can be licensed in another state or country. So its not based on being a licensed attorney with experience. Using a barrier to economic liberty is so American. Cause the license has nothing to do with the job. A license to practice law is for advocating for people at court not clicking through documents for $20 an hour.

The lawyer I asked why is a law licensed required informed me she really didn’t know why a license was required because its the same work on projects that require no license at all. Someone with a license to practice law…