Lawyers Have Nasty Attitudes

Especially Black Female Attorneys

Brandi NoBarExam West


Lawyers walk around like they shit don’t stank. They try to act like they are powerful and above everyone else because of their legal education. Black female attorneys act like being a lawyer is the best thing ever. White people finally gave black people permission to be lawyers. Wow what a big accomplishment.

Black people don’t do anything on their own. Black people don’t even build their own companies. When black lawyers get these lil judge positions or become licensed attorneys their head gets big. Being a lawyer is an ego booster for real. Just look at some of the things they post on their pages. They are always bragging and saying things like people want to be lawyers but can’t do write 10 pages in 2 hours.

Lawyers think being a lawyer is an accomplishment? They need a reality check. Lawyers are not necessary in society. If the government didn’t taught everyone law there would be no need for lawyers. The law, which everyone should have a right to know, is sold as a commodity. There is no transparency of courts or the court system.

Being forced to pay $100,000+ for law school and spending 7 years of your life on college and law school is nothing to walk around bragging about. Lawyers should be protesting because law school should be available for everyone for free. Then they have these attitudes like they know everything and untouchable. Lawyers need to humble themselves. There is nothing special about being controlled by the government. Lawyers don’t make the laws nor change the laws. All lawyers do is look laws up in databases and use templates.

I went to law school and I get it. But I don’t come off like I’m some brilliant Einstein that know everything. I took the “JD” off my name and if I ever become licensed someday, I’ll never put no “Esq” after my name. Lawyers need to stop worshipping these colleges institutions and degrees. That’s why people stay down they become these funky little job titles. Going to law school doesn’t make you smart. Law school means you know how to memorize and pass exams.

Lawyers cannot do math and they do not know anything useful. Lawyers just know how to open a laptop, type keywords in databases, and retype motions on saved templates. Gee that really sound sophisticated. If you are a lawyer — and specifically a black female lawyer — please calm down. We know you “made it” and feeling good about yourself. The fact is you…