I took a shower today after 7 weeks in quarantine

(Viewer discretion advised)

Brandi NoBarExam West


I only took a shower because I did number 2 and my period came on today. When I wiped myself it was blood and boo boo everywhere that didn’t smell good at all. The shower felt good. I used some dove soap. My feet though? They are so crusty with dead skin all over them. I am going to need a pumice to get these feet together.

I know women are supposed to keep up on their hygiene, but I don’t. I stop caring months ago when I became homeless. When you are homeless you don’t have access to a bathroom or shower like in a house. I got used to going days without taking a wash cloth to my ass.

I wonder how many other people have stopped bathing since they are working from home. There’s no need to bathe or shower everyday if you are not going anywhere.

Here are a picture of my feet after 7 weeks in quarantine before I washed them today.