Brandi NoBarExam West
1 min readOct 18, 2020
Free Legal Education For All

Have you ever wondered why law is sold in law school and not available for free to everyone? Law should be taught to everyone. as children. Learning the law should not require anyone to go to law school paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you can’t afford an attorney, it’s not your fault. Law is sold as a commodity. You should be educated for free about law. Tell your government to educate its people about the law for free.


Going to law school does not make you attorney in the United States of America. You are forced to take the bar exam and get a license from the bar association. The bar exam is discriminatory keeping minorities out. Blacks only make up 2% of attorneys in the USA. These human made barriers of becoming a lawyer are not discussed, in the mainstream media and lawyers won’t tell you themselves due to image. The bar exam must be abolished.