Doing What It Takes To Overcome Poverty

Brandi NoBarExam West
2 min readApr 21, 2024
Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash

If I had a bunch of kids and lived in poverty, I would do whatever it takes to better myself to make more money for the sake of my children!? Or just not have children until I can afford to have children.

My mother said she wasn’t getting on no bus to go back to school or get a job. I used to say why don’t you get a job or go to school.?? We was poor and didn’t have transportation.

I was just thinking about that when I was just studying for the bar exam tonight . It was rough. I wanted to give up. A million thoughts in my head . Like what if I am doing all of this and still don’t pass!?? But I just want to try, and do something that would lift me OUT of fuckin poverty. Growing up, I never seen anyone do anything significant or hard to get out of poverty. I only saw excuses like my mother when she said she wasn’t taking no bus to get a job or go back to school.

I just don’t understand why people think they should have children despite being poor!? What makes you think that child wants to grow up poor and miserable then struggle their entire adulthood too?? Because I am damn near 40 years old and still struggling!!