Check Your Man, Don’t Check Me

Brandi NoBarExam West
2 min readAug 24, 2020

Ladies, don’t call another woman’s phone about your man. Talk to your man. If your man is talking to other women, then there is something wrong with your man. It has nothing to do with the woman. Oftentimes, men don’t even disclose they are in a relationship. You are with a liar.

I’m not the type to call another woman’s phone. First, I’m single. However, if I was with some guy and I find a woman’s number I would not call her. I simply don’t care.. Men are dogs and will always be dogs. Women stop stressing out over men.

A woman called my phone and accused me of messing with her man. I told her I was not messing with anybody’s man. She was yelling and screaming and getting upset. I really didn’t know what else to tell her. It wasn’t nothing else to tell her since she was convinced I was messing with her man.

However, my time is valuable so I wasn’t going to argue or prove to her that I was not and am not messing with her man. I’m still perplexed by the accusation. I won’t go into detail to how he got my number, but I will say that it was innocent. May he had other intentions. I never even talked to him on the phone after I gave him my number. He called me the day after, but I didn’t answer. I was busy at the time. I think he left a voicemail. He called again and I didn’t answer. I texted him Hello to follow up. He didn’t reply. I don’t have time for men these days. I could care less about a man.

I’m not understanding why women get so angry and jump to conclusions when at the other woman when they find another woman’s number in their man phone. I hung up on that lady and she continued to call me. She left a voicemail yelling and fussing about her man. I already told her once I am not messing with her man. She needs to talk to him and figure out why he is asking for women’s phone numbers. In this case, it was not for no type of relationship other than business. Wow..